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Review: Be Not Far from Me by Mindy McGinnis

Summary from Goodreads:

The world is not tame.

Ashley knows this truth deep in her bones, more at home with trees overhead than a roof. So when she goes hiking in the Smokies with her friends for a night of partying, the falling dark and creaking trees are second nature to her. But people are not tame either. And when Ashley catches her boyfriend with another girl, drunken rage sends her running into the night, stopped only by a nasty fall into a ravine. Morning brings the realization that she’s alone – and far off trail. Lost in undisturbed forest and with nothing but the clothes on her back, Ashley must figure out how to survive despite the red streak of infection creeping up her leg.


I flew through McGinnis’s latest YA novel, Be Not Far from Me. I love that Mindy McGinnis is always changing genres and I never get bored with her work. This one was a small 300 paged YA Survival novel that was a super quick but intense read.

It follows Ashley as she struggles to survive lost in woods and injured. I struggled to read aspects of the novel, the descriptions of the injury and other scenes that bothered me. However, I did keep reading because the main character, Ashley, she was likeable and I wanted to see what happened to her.

The plot was interesting and it mainly just focused on survival. However, I found myself not fully connecting with the novel. But I did enjoy the read.

I recommend checking out this intense YA novel.


4 Stars Out of 5 Stars.


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