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Review: Horrid by Katrina Leno

Summary from Goodreads:

From the author of You Must Not Miss comes a haunting contemporary horror novel that explores themes of mental illness, rage, and grief, twisted with spine-chilling elements of Stephen King and Agatha Christie.

Following her father’s death, Jane North-Robinson and her mom move from sunny California to the dreary, dilapidated old house in Maine where her mother grew up. All they want is a fresh start, but behind North Manor’s doors lurks a history that leaves them feeling more alone… and more tormented.

As the cold New England autumn arrives, and Jane settles in to her new home, she finds solace in old books and memories of her dad. She steadily begins making new friends, but also faces bullying from the resident “bad seed,” struggling to tamp down her own worst nature in response. Jane’s mom also seems to be spiraling with the return of her childhood home, but she won’t reveal why. Then Jane discovers that the “storage room” her mom has kept locked isn’t for storage at all – it’s a little girl’s bedroom, left untouched for years and not quite as empty of inhabitants as it appears….

Is it grief? Mental illness? Or something more… Horrid?


I’ve been meaning to read a novel by Katrina Leno and decided to start with her recent release, Horrid. It was a complete cover pick because it is a stunning one. The plot also sounded interesting to me and I found myself hooked right away.

Horrid helped get me through my current reading slump as I managed to read the entire novel in one single evening. It was a compelling and also frightening! It would have been the perfect read for Halloween. I felt that Katrina Leno did an amazing job of building the suspense, the spooky atmosphere, and making the reader (aka me) feel completely creeped out.

The novel follows Jane’s point of view as she moves to new town and into a house that has a lot of history. Horrid starts off as a typical YA Contemporary about Jane dealing with moving/grief but slowly, and spookily it turns more into a thriller/mystery. It was an addicting read and I loved how it was crafted!

The only reason it was not a 5 stars from me was the ending. It reminded me of The Cabin at the End of the World, where I was left wanting a lot more from the conclusion.

I recommend checking out this well-crafted YA Thriller, it was a great read!


4 Stars Out of 5 Stars.


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