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Review: Home (Binti #2) by Nnedi Okorafor

Summary from Goodreads:

It’s been a year since Binti and Okwu enrolled at Oomza University. A year since Binti was declared a hero for uniting two warring planets. A year since she abandoned her family in the dawn of a new day.

And now she must return home to her people, with her friend Okwu by her side, to face her family and face her elders.

But Okwu will be the first of his race to set foot on Earth in over a hundred years, and the first ever to come in peace.

After generations of conflict can human and Meduse ever learn to truly live in harmony?


I’m shocked at how long it took me to finally pick up this novella. I got the first two novellas of the series in my first ever Bookoutlet order in 2017 and I’m just now picking this one up.

It only took me an hour or so to read it because I was completely sucked into the story. It was an enjoyable reading experience and a great book to start off my reading in 2020 with.

It was a 5 star read compared to the first novella, Binti, which was only a 4.5 star read for me back in 2018. I felt that Nnedi Okorafor’s writing style and her story crafting/worldbuilding grew so much between the two novellas. The second one, Home, is 60 or so pages longer than book one and that added a lot to the novella.

My favorite aspects of the novella were how well-written the character Binti was and the worldbuilding. I felt that Nnedi Okorafor was able to craft this strange new world, the different species, and worlds so well in just 164 pages. It makes me want a full 500-page Fantasy or Science Fiction novel told with her beautiful prose and great craftsmanship.

It left off on a huge cliff hanger (thankfully I have novella three waiting for me on my kindle) that made me want to dive directly into the next installment.

I recommend both Binti and Binti: Home to even those who do not read a lot of science fiction like me. The writing is beautiful, the main character is easy to connect with, and the plot/world is masterfully created.


5 Stars Out of 5 Stars


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