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Review: The Last Thing She Remembers by J.S. Monroe, Jon Stock

Summary from Goodreads:

Who can you trust if you don’t know who you are? She arrives at the train station only to realize her bag had been stolen–her passport, credit cards, laptop, house key now all gone. And even more disturbing, when she goes to report the incident, she can’t recall her own name. All she has on her is a train ticket home.Suffering from stress-induced amnesia, the woman without a name is a source of mystery when she appears at the sleepy Wiltshire village where she thought she lived. She quickly becomes a source of conspiracy and fear among the townspeople. Why does one think he recognizes her from years earlier? And why do the local police take such a strong interest in her arrival?From the critically acclaimed author of Find Me comes a shocking new tale of dark pasts and deception, leaving us breathlessly analyzing the role memory plays in defining who we are–and who others think we might be.


What I Liked:

Writing Style. I was a fan of J.S. Monroe’s writing style. He did a great job of building suspense and writing both the female and male characters.

Plot. A big reason I decided to pick up this thriller was the plot. It is a frightening concept to suddenly forget your name and everything about yourself. It made the novel more suspenseful and nail-biting for the reader as they attempted to figure out who is bad and good.

Characters. The novel is told from various points of view, one first person and the rest are told in third-person. Monroe did a great job of writing intriguing characters who were surprising and unreliable narrators.

Ending/Twists. There was a big twist in the middle and end of the novel and the author did a great job with both of them.

What I Disliked:

Points of View. The only issue I had with this well-written thriller was the various points of view within the novel. I struggled to connect with a lot of the characters we were following. I believe it was because they were told in third-person instead of first.

I recommend checking out The Last Thing She Remembers, it was an intense and well-written thriller.


4 Stars Out of 5 Stars


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