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Review: Can’t Escape Love (Reluctant Royals #3.5) by Alyssa Cole

Summary from Goodreads:

Regina Hobbs is nerdy by nature, businesswoman by nurture. She’s finally taking her pop culture-centered media enterprise, Girls with Glasses, to the next level, but the stress is forcing her to face a familiar supervillain: insomnia. The only thing that helps her sleep when things get this bad is the deep, soothing voice of puzzle-obsessed live streamer Gustave Nguyen. The problem? His archive has been deleted.

Gus has been tasked with creating an escape room themed around a romance anime…except he knows nothing about romance or anime. Then mega-nerd and anime expert Reggie comes calling, and they make a trade: his voice for her knowledge. But when their online friendship has IRL chemistry, will they be able to escape love?


I randomly decided to pick up this recently released romance novella on Scribd. I’m not a romance reader at all, especially adult ones. But I loved this. It was well-written and riddled with pop culture. 

Warnings: Swearing, sexual content

What I Liked:

Characters. I loved how Cole wrote the two main characters. I felt connected with both of them in such a short novel. I loved both Regina and Gus and their relationship which is rare for me. 

Writing Style. This is the first things I’ve picked by Cole, who is becoming a popular romance author with the Reluctant Royal series. I will for sure be picking up the rest of this series based on this quick example of her writing style. 

Pop Culture. I love TV Shows and books that can include pop culture in a fresh and no forced way. I didn’t get all of the references but still enjoyed the ones that I did know. 

What I Disliked:

Length. Too short!! I would totally read a whole length novel of just Regina and Gus talking the entire time. 😀 


4.5 Stars Out of 5 Stars.


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